Our mission

Nippers is not about teaching your child to swim. 

We instead focus on survival and rescue skills that are so valuable to children when enjoying time at the beach.

This means ensuring that our nippers have the decision-making skills to appropriately assess the safety of various aquatic environments for the rest of their lives.

Why join nippers?

Nippers involves learning valuable skills and knowledge about the beach in a safe, stimulating and fun environment.

Additional outcomes of the nipper program include:

  • Contributing to the local community
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Developing the knowledge and skills to interact safely with the ocean
  • Interacting with a wide variety of people
  • Participating in an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Developing decision-making and problem solving skills

Protecting our kids

All adults directly involved in the delivery of the Nippers Program at Wauchope-Bonny Hills SLSC have completed a Working with Children Check, plus our Age Managers have been briefed on the SLSA Safeguarding Children and Young People Guidelines. What’s more, we actively promote the sun safe message to all our nippers to ensure sun protection is instilled from a young age.

Age groups

Your child’s age group is determined by their age at midnight on the 30th September 2019.

Born between Age group
1st October 2005 – 30th September 2006 Under 14
1st October 2006 – 30th September 2007 Under 13
1st October 2007 – 30th September 2008 Under 12
1st October 2008 – 30th September 2009 Under 11
1st October 2009 – 30th September 2010 Under 10
1st October 2010 – 30th September 2011 Under 9
1st October 2011 – 30th September 2012 Under 8
1st October 2012 – 30th September 2013 Under 7
1st October 2013 – 30th September 2014 Under 6

Under 12/13/14s undertake training towards becoming a qualified surf lifesaver. Once the Resuscitation Certificate has been completed, these nippers will then work towards the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) and ultimately, the Bronze Medallion.

Sunday mornings

Nippers line up in their age groups for an 8.30am start each Sunday morning.

If your age group is rostered on for beach set-up, we ask that you be there at 7.30am.

If you arrive late, please ensure the Age Manager records your child’s attendance. Nippers must also inform their Age Manager before leaving or to continue swimming at the beach.

Please note: A carer must remain on the beach at all times with their child during nippers.

Nipper caps and pink rash vests must be worn for all water activities during nippers.

This is a strict Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) requirement to ensure nipper safety.

We encourage everyone to help bring equipment up from the beach after nippers has finished. Each item should be rinsed before storing away to ensure equipment remains in good condition. Many hands make light work!

We do our best to adhere to a time schedule on Sunday mornings, however surf and weather conditions do have an affect sometimes. If surf or weather conditions are poor, we organise alternative activities such as sand events or surf education, or even cancel nippers for that day.

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